The Public Works and Civil Engineering sector is an essential strike force of the EURL ETUHP MENANI ALGERIE. He deploys remarkable expertise and know-how, the fruit of experience acquired in the field.

It was in 2007 that the ETUHP Group launched an ambitious investment project in the field of Public Works by creating a SPA ETUHP MENANI Company located in several regions of the country.

ETUHP MENANI has organized this activity by creating about ten bases in the country, particularly in the road and motorway network. The company is involved in the construction of roads, their strengthening, rehabilitation and maintenance; or even in carrying out civil engineering works such as drainage, culverts, culverts. Its participation in the construction of the east-west highway is decisive.
To illustrate the expertise of its Public Works subsidiaries, let us take as an example the projects located in the wilaya of El TAREF. The ETUHP Company has indeed contributed to the realization of the works of the road superstructure of access to the new fishing port of El KALA, as it is engaged in the study and the realization of the reinforcement for the stabilization from the cliff by a retaining wall giving road access to the same port. This intervention also led to the repair of the VRD networks affected by the floods in various agglomerations of the wilaya of El TAREF. Finally, the company carried out the crossing of the east-west highway by the PN 1400 mm pipe. From subsidiaries located in various regions of the country